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Ancient City

Do you like ambient chillout and fantasy music? This Homeless Balloon album contains more than 72 minutes of music inspired by Norwegian nature and fantasy stories. Some of the tracks are even inspired by the progressive rock of the 70's. Both acoustic, electric and electronic instruments have been used.

If you buy single tracks or the digital album from Bandcamp, you may choose 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire. Use the "Buy"-link in the plaer window below! If you buy the album at Bandcamp or iTunes, you will also get a 11 page Digital Booklet. If you order the physical CD, it comes with a nice Digipak sleeve - a collector's item.

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pages from the digital booklet (included with iTunes and Bandcamp downloads)
Ancient City Digital Booklet
photo by Helge Krabye © all rights reserved
Ancient City Booklet
graphic by Jørn Veberg © all rights reserved
Ancient City Digital Booklet
graphic by Jørn Veberg © all rights reserved

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