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The music of Homeless Balloon and Helge Krabye

You may listen and download by clicking on the CD covers below. If you purchase one album (CD or digital download), you may receive an additional album download for free. Just send a short email here and mention the name of your preferred second album!

Moog on the Dance Floor - EP"Murrr" (2018)
This is the last release in the "Wings" Series that I started in 2012. The EP has three different tracks inspired by nuJazz, Electronica and Ambient, plus one Remix and one variation. (December 24, 2018).

Moog on the Dance Floor - EP"Peel Slowly" (2018)
Homeless Balloon's EP "Peel Slowly" has three new compositions and one ambient version, and the release is a part of the "Wings Series" of digital EP's. The tracks are electronica and dark ambient inspired by acid jazz and film music. (December 14, 2018).

Moog on the Dance Floor - EP"Walking On Clouds" (2018)
The fourteenth release in the "Wings" Series is a tree track EP with ambient jazz and electronica, and it is titled "Walking On Clouds". It has three new ambient jazz and electronic compositions.(November 22, 2018).

Moog on the Dance Floor - EP"Mental Noises" (2018)
The thirteenth release in the "Wings" EP Series is a more experimental release than the previous EP’s, but the ambient feel and beat is present. Various percussion and drums, loops, synths (both analogue and digital), voice samples and noises are all over the place - just like a brain that thinks too much.

Moog on the Dance Floor - EP"Red Dot" (2018)
The twelfth release in the "Wings" EP Series has four tracks wiith ambient house, acoustic and electronic with drum grooves, deep bass, synth and keyboards (MiniMoog, Prophet-6, U-he DIVA etc.), voice samples, sound fx and acoustic guitar. The music is inspired by the work of Carl Sagan.

Moog on the Dance Floor - EP"Dark Side" (2018)
"Dark Side" is a digital EP with three new compositions (and one variation with no voice effects) with acoustic and electronic beats and percussion as well and dark, ambient sounds inspired by both jazz, downtempo and progressive.

Moog on the Dance Floor - EP"Drive Green" (2017)
The four track EP "Drive Green" is the tenth release in the "Wings Series" of EP's. The tracks on this EP are inspired by ambient chill-out, nujazz and electronica with groovy drums and percussion, soaring synths, deep bass and vocal effects all wrapped in electronic patterns.

Moog on the Dance Floor - EP"Fish Stories" (2017)
"Fish Stories", the ninth release in the "Wings Series" has three new compositions (and one extended version). Ambient-inspired psychedelic electronica with groovy drums, pulsating bass, percussion, sound effects and various synth sounds. The four tracks are pointing to a mix of chill and acid jazz.

Moog on the Dance Floor - EP"Lo Mejor" (2017)
A new release in the "Wings Series" of EP's from Homeless Balloon. "Lo Mejor" has three new compositions (and one variation/remix) with groovy beats, acoustic and electronic percussion as well as ambient sounds inspired by East Asia, Nujazz and Electronica with synth effects and voice samples that underline the title of the EP.

Moog on the Dance Floor - EP"Roses Are Dead" (2017)
This is the seventh release in the special "Angel Wings" EP series. Two new compositons with remixes, both in the more experimental, ambient genre.

Moog on the Dance Floor - EP"Round And Around" (2017)
"Round And Around" is sixth EP release in the "Angel Wings" -series, with four tracks inspired by chill out, downtempo electronica, jazz and electric blues.

Moog on the Dance Floor - EP"Play At Your Own Risk" (2016)
"Play At Your Own Risk" has thee very different tracks inspired by nujazz, blues and electronica. It's the fifth release in the special EP series.

Moog on the Dance Floor - EP"The Future of the Past" (2016)
is the fourth release in the special chillout EP series by Homeless Ballon. The series is featuring music in different musical styles and genres, and the five compositions on the new release are inspired by both nu jazz, electronica and dark ambient.

Moog on the Dance Floor - EP"African Dream" (2016)
is the third digital EP in the special series of music releases in different genres and styles. "African Dream" is a more funky and rhythmic album inspired by African music and mystisism. Digital download (24 bit or mp3) and streaming.

Moog on the Dance Floor - EP"Music from Wild North" (2014)
is a double album with 56 tracks and more than two hours and twenty eight minutes of ambient chillout inspired by both acoustic, electronic and film music. Comes with a nice 12 page booklet. Digital download in 24 bit or mp3 and streaming.

Moog on the Dance Floor - EP"Moog on the Dance Floor" (2013)
is the second release in the EP Series, and it contains six groovy chillout tracks. The title track is dedicated to the great Robert Moog who created the MiniMoog synthesizer which I of course used on this EP! Digital download in 24 bit or mp3 and streaming.

"Dream Away" Digital EP (2012)
Four ambient, chillout pieces on this first in a series of sixteen digital EP's. A mix of electronic and acoustic instruments, strong melodies, some funky grooves and pure chill to ease your mind. Digital download in 24 bit or mp3 and streaming.

"Oriental Spaces" (2008)
Ambient chill, world fusion grooves and acoustic performances mixed with electronic sounds, ambient atmospheres colored by strong melodies. Physical CD or digital download in 24 bit or mp3 and streaming.

"Ancient City" (2008)
Melodic ambient electronica and poetic instrumentals that fit well into the New Age music genre. Some of the tracks are even inspired by the progressive rock of the 70's. Physical CD or digital download in 24 bit or mp3 and streaming.

"Hurry Slowly" (2008)
Acoustic, electric & electronica inspired by blues, smooth jazz and film music. This album has warm melodies to give you peace of mind. Physical CD or digital download in 24 bit or mp3 and streaming.

"Electronova" (2008)
Funky, positive electronica, moody chill out beats, some really dark and deep ambient tracks and even a couple of avant-garde pieces! Physical CD or digital download in 24 bit or mp3 and streaming.

"Mysterious China" (2007)
An hour of ambient, world fusion acoustic and electronic chillout grooves and strong melodies inspired by China! Physical CD or digital download in 24 bit or mp3 and streaming.

"Travel in Silence" (2007)
Acoustic and electronic pieces inspired by ambient, world fusion, chill out and experimental electronica. A highly eclectic album to ease your soul! Physical CD or digital download in 24 bit or mp3 and streaming.

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The idea behind Jango is to let independent artists be played in rotation in between established or commercial artists. I have had success with this, and Homeless Balloon now (april 2010) has more than 450 fans at Jango.

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