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Video Tutorials

U&I Software MetaSynth Video Tutorials the fastet way to learn using MetaSynth

Other MetaSynth resources

U&I Software the home page of the MetaSynth developers
U&I Software MetaSynth tutorials lessons and links to more lessons
An Introduction to MetaSynth by Toby Pitman

comercial presets, filters and samples

Architecture Volume One by Galbanum
A 9 Gbyte (on DVD) library for UI Software's Metasynth, with thousands of ground-breaking new image synth presets, filters, samples and graphical images suitable for music production, sound-design and synthesis techniques. - Check out the Galbanum for more preset collections!

Architecture Waveforms by Galbanum

articles, interviews and home pages of other artists using MetaSynth

Note: I am sorry that many of these links no longer work. The web - as life - is changing fast, and often valuable sites or pages out there disappear. If you have tips to places I should include in the list below, feel free to contact me at hkrabye@gmail.com

Aphex Twin: Macdirectory article about AphexTwin using MetaSynth
Aphex Twin Demon Face: how he used an image of his own face to create sounds
Sound Design in Matrix: how the incredible sound of the Trilogy Matrix was created
Robert Rich is known for his electronic ambient music. He used Metasynty on his album "Electric Ladder"
Dane Davis: Interview with sound designer-supervising sound editor behind the Matrix trilogy
Junkie XL: The famous DJ and remixer Tom Holkenborg is using MetaSynth among other soft and hard instruments
Neil Goldstein composer using MetaSynth to create beautiful sound scapes
Robin Rimbaud, also known as Scanner, is using MetaSynth in creative ways, according to BBC
Rip Van Hippy: well known psychedelic artist Geoffry Hales akA Rip Van Hippy is using MetaSynth
Pippa Murphy: Specialist in instrumental and electroacoustic composition

books and training

The Wizoo Por Guide to MetaSynth 2.5 by Len Sasso
A guided tour to teach you the most basic features of MetaSynth. The book comes with a CD-ROM with presets and sounds.

other resources


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