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Free audio samples and MetaSynth presets

The samples are all original recordings done by Helge Krabye. Copyright 2005. The presets included in the folders are for MetaSynth 4 and are not compatible with earlier MS versions. If you do not own MetaSynth, you may still download the samples and use them in your favorite sampler or audio sequencer :)

Creative Commons LicenseBy downloading, you do agree that: "You may download them for use in your own music only. You are not allowed to give them away for free or sell them." All files (audio, text, presets and graphics) are licensed under Creative Commons.

If you want to display the link to this page on your own web site, feel free to do so!

Mountain Dulcimer
DulcimerPresetsThese samples are from a hand built Mountain Dulcimer (by Jerry Rockwell) that was built for Helge Krabye in March 2009. This is a four string dulcimer tuned in D-A-D-D. Each string as well as a couple of chords have been recorded with two Neumann KM84 condenser microphones in 24 bit resolution and converted to 16 bit.
You will find ImageSynth presets (both clean, musical phrases and experiemental effects) as well as Spectrum Synth effects and audio files. After downloading the zip-file, start by opening the hbMountainDulcimer.presets file and listen through the presets. Then open the Spectrum Synth and other files.
hbMountainDulcimer.zip various samples (34,8 Mbyte zipped archive)

TreeWorks belltree
Here are eight samples of Helge Krabye's TreeWorks belltree recorded in 16 bit 44,1kHz with two Neuman KM84 condenser microphones. They will create rich atmospheres and sounds if you manipulate their pitch in MetaSynth (or a different sampler of your choice).
hkBelltree.sit 8 samples (5,2 Mbyte Stuffit Archive)

Matrix Synthbass
Four powerful bass synthesizer Instruments I made with the classic Oberheim Matrix synthesizer.
hkMatrixBassynth 3 samples (896k Stuffit Archive)

3 samples (852k Stuffit Archive)

hkMatrixFunkyBass 4 samples (944k Stuffit Archive)
hkMatrixHardBass 4 samples (396k Stuffit Archive)

More instruments, presets and samples coming later.

The newer files are zip-files, which you can open on your Mac or PC by just doubleclicking on the file. The older files have been compressed with Stuffit. If you are not able to decompress these files after downloading them, you may need Stuffit Expander.


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