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the MetaSynthMusic Group at SoundCloud

I was administrating the Group "MetaSynth Music" at SoundCloud for several years, but since SoundCloud closed their "Group" service in 2016 (my interpretation is that they wold no longer allow so many streams from ordinary artists - they wanted to support commercial artists), there is no other service at SoundCloud that offer this feature. The "MetaSynth Music" Group at SoundCloud therefore no longer exists. You can of course still share your MetaSynth music at SoundCloud - and use the #MetaSynth hashtag and also "MetaSynth" as one of your keywords in order to help listeneres find your tracks. I have set up a Facebook Page for "MetaSynth", and you are invited to share your MetaSynth work (your best stuff) by posting to the forum there: MetaSynth at Facebook

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