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what other people have said about Homeless Ballooon and my music

"I woke up to Kamtjatka (heard it on tv on Music Choice) and had to come find it. I didn't but I'm so glad I got to experience this [and, the other vids], as well. I love fractals, great video, awesome music!" - KKumokun, YouTube (comment on music video) (April 13, 2013)

"The 75-minute album "Oriental Spaces" is filled with world fusion grooves, electronic and acoustic performances, beautiful melodies, and mostly chilled out and ambient soundscapes. The brainchild of Norwegian composer Helge Krabye, Homeless Balloon has become critically acclaimed worldwide for its cinematic depth and intriguing musical textures. ORIENTAL SPACES is one of six recordings for the Homeless Balloon project and one of our favorites with accessible musical experimentation. Songs like the dreamy “Daughters of Allah,” the percussive “Rwanda” and the sensitive “Alaska” are great examples of the musical diversity on this album. Fans of Enigma, Deep Forest, Enya and Vangelis will truly appreciate the musical exploration of ORIENTAL SPACES… intricate, alluring and captivating! Homeless Balloon drifts thoughtfully through a deep musical experience!"

- Sandy Shore, SmoothLounge (Jan 05, 2012)

"This is unique music that is listenable but continually interesting. Twisting and turning in a comfortable ambient way. Good for driving. - Comment to the album "Hurry Slowly" - POLAR, Emusic (Mar 01, 2011)

"This guy is so good, i want to hug him. Great instrumental music that will take you around the world in seconds. Keep up the good work, dude. - Comment to the album "Hurry Slowly" - 00C47F20, Emusic (Feb 02, 2011)

"Your music is wonderful, in late night hours it is escape into another, better world :) Just needed to say this." - Robert (Black September), Music fan at SoundCloud (Nov 17, 2010)

"Wonderful music! A welcome addition to the station! Very positive listener feedback." - Astreaux (dj), Astreaux World Web Site (Jun 12, 2010)

"There's one guy who is KING of Electronica music, he goes by the name of Homeless Balloon on SoundClick and on many other sites and is raking in the bucks with his electronica music. His music is professional electronic music the best I have heard so far he's a master at creating it and makes alot of money selling his songs off the internet. Check him out and you'll see what I'm talking about, I do like your music very nice!" - James125, Cakewalk Forum (Apr 29, 2010)

"I turn to your music when I need to relax, be soothed or just get back into a positive mode. Yep, its that good." - CodeAquaMarine, iLike (Jan 19, 2010)

"Wow, ... again, wow. Yes, agree with previous commenter... most beautiful video I've seen on YouTube. The music is fantastic too. What an experience... really... it's an experience. I will I could give 1000*!" (Mariah Ver Hoef's comment in 2011 on Homeless Balloon's composition and video "Order and Chaos Our Galaxy")

"This song is chocolate to my ears. I never want it to end. I'm amazed at how you put a song like this together! Everything fits together flawlessly to create such a dramatic mood. I've listened to it a couple times now and every time I catch my self staring at my computer screen in a trance." - Shawni Lynn Tolman (Canada), Garageband review of "Harmony" (track) (Jul 18, 2009)

"Haunting Beauty: This is an evocative, crisply recorded acoustic guitar piece. I love your expressive technique, and the piece itself feels thoughtful and emotionally charged. Would be great for a soundtrack. I'd like to play it on my show!" - Bernleckie, Bristol, UK, Garageband.com (Jan 20, 2009)

"Wonderful music! A welcome addition to the station! Very positive listener feedback - (AstreauxWorld Radio - Virginia Beach, VA, US

"Came over to listen to your new song Hurry Slowly, its very beautiful!!!!! I love your musical creations!" - Cathie Fredrickson - Folk/Singer/Songwriter, US

"Beautiful, great quality music - superb technically and great feeling." - Being Ambient Music - Ambient Music/New Age/Music Therapy/Meditation/Relaxati, US

"Something of a digital Enigma meets The Doors. The live instruments and the synth/sample work is A-grade - very impressive composition production. You're not left waiting for anything to finish. Perfect ambient/world groove. - (Review of track "Turkish Delight")" - Jimmy Cooper, MP3.com Australia (Mar 20, 2008)

"An amazing soundscape with asian undertones. Ambient beyond description - a work of art." - Review of the track "China Future." - Jimmy Cooper, MP3.com Australia (Mar 20, 2008)

"Love your vibes ! Superb" - AndCo Did - Electronica/alternative

"A quick note to tell you that I 'm very impressed by your music. I just listen to the MetaSynthia CD and Japan suite is my favorite piece from the 2 CDs. All sounds are beautiful and the atmosphere is deeply involving. Nothing pleases me more to see my tools being used for such artistic achievements. Bravo. Best, Eric" - Eric Wenger
(the creator of MetaSynth at U&I Software) (Aug 28, 2007)

"Helge Krabye is simply one of the finest contemporary composers and music/sound creators on the planet!" - Kit Watkins (composer and artist)

"Played some of your CD again yesterday and, again, positive remarks were phoned in!!  It is nice to know that I am not the only one "jumping" up and down about your music. I have a friend who has a radio program similar to mine, only his show is in Sydney ( our biggest city) . Would it be OK if I send him a "dubbed" copy so that he can possibly air your music?" - Paul Headon (Sirius Music at Vox-FM) (Feb 28, 2008)

"Theres one guy who is KING of Electronica music, he goes by the name of Homeless Balloon on SoundClick and on many other sites and is raking in the bucks with his electronica music. His music is professional electronic music the best I have heard so far he's a master at creating it and makes alot of money selling his songs off the internet. Check him out and you'll see what I'm talking about!" - James125 (from the forum at Cakewalk.com)

"Hi, thanks for your request to be a friend! Just as I was listening to your wonderful music I lost the connection and your request dissapeared! YES!!" - Adrian Snell (Christian composer and artist)

"Here is 'real' music, wonderful music pieces that provide lots of emotions, the balance between acoustics and electronics is really perfect ... this music is very inspired ... It is always very exciting to listen to your compositions." - Eric (electronic artist Tourlaville)

"Jag surfade in på din hemsida härom dagen efter att jag tittat på ett program om Kina på TV:n. Din musik i programmet var helt underbar och nu är jag intresserad av att köpa några skivor för att ge bort till våra kunder." - Björn Westlund (Bo Risberg Import, Sweden)

"Silence - finest ambient...wonderful job on da guitar...what a great combination between acoustic and electronic sounds :))" - Dj Spaceace (staff at www.soundlift.com)

"Your song "Turkish Delight" did a bang up job in Round 1 of the Active Contest and held its own against some stiff competition. It's been reviewed by folks all over the world, been subjected to raw, unfiltered scrutiny from people you don't even know...and guess what?.... They liked it! The blood, sweat and tears have paid off. Your song made it to the upper echelon of its genre, and will now move on to the next level to battle it out with its peers in Round 2." - Ivy (Band Services at www.garageband.com)

"Japan - electronic suite" is one ass kicking song!!! It sounds really, really FAT!!" - Jeroen (artist project Breakable)

"We wanted to inform you that you are being featured currently on MP3.com's Hot Artist Spotlight until the end of July 2002. Congratulations!!!" - Tim Erdmann (Music Editor, VivendHelge Universal Net USA)

"Helge Krabye's spacious explorations of "Japan - Electronic Suite" move from drum-and-drone expanses to floating flutey passages of amorphous beauty, then into "natural" phenomena of weather and water and radiantly entwined frequencies... and then, beyond. Impressive electro-ambient sounds by any measure..." - David J Opdyke (reviewer of MetaSynthia 1 CD at AmbiEntrance)

"Første gangen eg hørte hørespillet Beaty Bow (1991), la eg ekstra merke til musikken. Eg har den på kasett - men det blir ikkje det samme som
å foreksempel kunne få heile melodien i mp3-format. Kunne du være så snill å sende meg den? Den er sååå FIIN!! :)" - Marius Myklebust" (radiolytter, NRK)

"I used to listen to your music on the old mp3.com. Recently I was looking through some of my old MP3s, and I came across "China Romantic Landscape". This reminded me of your "Mysterious China" CD, and I looked around various websites to find this CD to purchase, but I couldn't find it. So, my question is, where can I buy this CD? I just love the music :-)" - Gregory (listener)


My music projects for radio, television and multimedia

As a reference to my musical experience, here is a list of radio, television and interactive media projects that I have composed original music for since 1987.

Music for television documentaries

Signature melodies and jingles for radio and television

Music for radio drama

Music for radio series


Music for computer games and interactive media

music for television documentaries

"Brennpunkt - Den Siste Reisen"
I composed original music for the 50 minutes long television documentary which tells the story of Siv Tove Pedersen (41) who chose eutanasi in order to end the fight against her serious lung disease. It was broadcast at NRK1. (2015)
"Norske Naturperler"
I spent more than a year composing original music (I also did the sound design in ProTools) for this eight part television documentary series produced by the gifted photographer and journalist Arne Nævra and his colleague Torgeir Beck Lande. We are getting as close as possible on the animals and nature of the most wild nature areas in Norway, and the filming was done with the most modern cameras and technology available. It was a joy to work on this project, and the series was first broadcast in prime time at NRK1 (National TV) eight Sundays in a row from January 2014. (2014)
I composed several instrumental pices for background or scenes with tension or emotion during the eight years I worked as a post producer for NRK's television show about litterature and authors. (2005-2013)
"Blant Konger og Keisere"
I have composed new instrumental music for Arne Nævra's one hour television documentary "Blant Konger og Keisere" where he is filming pinguins in the Antarktis. In addition to new compositions, some of my exisiting music was used in this fascinating documentary broadcast in NRK1. (2011)
"Bokprogrammet Spesial: Per Olov Enquist"
I composed original music for the television feature "Bokprogrammet Spesial" (broadcast on National TV in Norway and Sweden in the summer of 2009) about the great, Swedish author Per Olov Enquist. As I was responsible for the video editing and graphic design of this television feature, I was able to let the music and images/video support each other well. (2009)
My music is used in this three part nature documentary filmed and produced by Arne Nævra for NRK. This documentary series has been filmed in HD and has some fantastic video shots and great sound. Arne Nævra always record his sound in stereo, which is great for reproducing the sounds of the nature and animals at Antarktis. (2008)
This Brennpunkt television documentary by Norunn Reinertsen is about the Shaken Baby syndrome, a much discussed diagnosis given to small infants who may (or may not) have been shaken too hard by their parents. The music has electronic effects combined with acoustic and electric guitar, Rhodes electric piano and Alembic electric bass. (2006)
"Peak Oil - Imposed By Nature" (DVD)
Film maker and documentarist Amund Presteard was nominated ”Best professional documentary” at The Norwegian Documentary Film Festival 2005. The documentary explains what the global oil decline (life after peak oil) will mean for all of us. My music is licensed to illustrate the documentary. More info about the DVD at Tropos Dokumentar. (2005)
"Brennpunkt: Gruvens Hemmeligheter"
I composed original music and did the sound design and audio mix for this television documentary by Norunn Reinertsen (NRK). There is a lot of archive footage showing the development of nuclear weapons and sky rockets, and that allowed me to use both electronic and experimental sounds as well as more ambient, musical styles. It is always fun to work with Norunn, since she loves television and is not afraid of using sound fx and music to illustrate her stories. (2005)
"Drømmen om Villmarka"
A new documentary with beautiful scenes from Norwegian nature by Asgeir Helgestad. I composed a few of the musical themes in this television documentary to illustrate the relationship between man and wild nature. (2005)
"Villdyr og Villmark"
This is a nine part television documentary series where the gifted nature photographer and producer Arne Nævra is visiting some of the most remote national parks and wild life areas around the world. My music has strong folkish and traditional music elements. (2003/2004)
"Rød og Illegal"
I composed original music for a television documentary about the communist resistance in Norway during the Second World War (produced by Eirik Skaar and Forsvarets Mediasenter). Central in the music is the use of a female voice singing wovels to simple soundscapes of acoustic guitar and electronic effects. The documentary ("Rød og Illegal") was broadcast in the spring of 2003 in National TV in Norway, and later in the other Scandinavian countries. (2003)
"Bill. Mrk. Desperat"
A Brennpunkt documentary about child keeping and parents who struggle because it is hard to find available places in Kindergardens. My music is mostly acoustic, with melodic themes and simple effects to support the story and situations. (2003)
"I Kø for Å Leve"
I composed original music for this Brennpunkt documentary (broadcast in National TV in the beginning of March). I used percussion, electric guitar and some electronic atmospheres to illustrate the struggle of two Norwegian men who are waiting for new kidney transplants because of their diabetes. (2003)
I composed more than sixty minutes of instrumental music for the television series "Jobbfeber" ("Job fever") produced by Laterna Magica here in Oslo, Norway. The series is for youth planning their job future. My music is mostly electronic beats and some gitar pieces. (2003)
"EBU Drama: Lyden Løper" ("Running Sounds")
I composed the music for a cute little story about a boy who gets tired of all the noises surrounding him. A strange bird drop down a blue egg containing a pair of magic glasses. By using these glasses, the boy can see that behind every noise, there is a strange being with a sound machine. He is able to scare these creatures in order that they run away - and take the noise with them. How the story ends is a secret, but this is clear: when the sounds are disappearing, it will have some serious consequences.... Helge also did the sound design for this drama story which will be distributed to several countries in 2002/2003. (2003)
"Om bombene regner"
I composed the music for a television documentary about Lise Lindbæk, the first Nordic female journalist who reported from two World Wars and how they affected Europe. It's a story of a brave woman, but also of a personal drama. my music is influenced by Spanish and Flamenco music, and he experimented with mixing this acoustic music with more minimalistic and experimental, electronic sounds. The 52 minutes documentary was broadcast in National Television in Norway in early October. (2002)
"Villrein" - winner of the BBC Newcomer award in Wildscreen 2002
Villrein is a special, Norwegian form of reindeer which lives in the high mountains on the roof of Norway. In this nature documentry for television, photographer and author Asgeir Helgestad is telling the story of these animals. I composed the music mixing acoustic guitar and electronic effects. - The film was the winner of the "BBC Newcomer award" in the Wildscreen 2002 festival! (2002)

"Det gåtefulle Kina"
Program 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
I composed the music for this five part documentary series which was broadcast in December 2001. The international version of this series has been broadcast in several countries. My music has been made by combining acoustic instruments with samples of real, Chinese instruments and voices. I was composing while watching QuickTime movies of the edited video. (2001)


"Kommuner til salgs"
In this Brennpunkt television documentary, film creator Sten Rune Sterner visits the famous commune Farum in Denmark where the outsourcing of all services and properties is almost total. It's an ironic view of the people behind this commercial campaign in typical Sterner style. my music is partly electronic and noisy variations of the old Danish song "A Saturday Evening". I also did the sound design which is quite heavy and ironic. (2001)


This Brenpunkt television documentary by Svein Bæren tells the story of the shop owner Maktabie who imports carpets from Turkia via Hamburg (Germany) to Norway. His business has been questioned by many, and the documentary shows that his business is not clean... My music is inspired by Turkish and Asian music, and piano, synthesizers and ethnic percussion are the basic instruments. (2001)


"Motstandskvinner "
In this interesting one hour long documentary by Kari Pettersen we meet three Norwegian women who were fighting for freedom during the last world war. During the German occupation they were risking their own lives in order to bring secret information in and out of the country. In this program, they tell their stories in a touching way. My music was composed on acoustic guitar, and I added some tiny synthesizer tones to give the atmospheres color. The documentary was showed on national TV in November. - Shortly after, I got a surprising telephone call from one of the old women who participated, and she said they were very exited about the music! (2000)


"Raske Penger"
The music for this Brennpunkt television documentary about a young, Norwegian man who tries to have success in the Internet business in London, is based on various computer sounds. Helge used the sound of printers and computers for the percussive parts, and synthesizers for the melodic parts. (2000)


This Brennpunkt documentary is about the problem many young girls experience: They stop eating in order to maintain their bodies as slim as possible. We meet several girls who struggle. One has won the fight, another is still fighting, and a third (we meet her mother) died because of the lack of treatment and help from the Norwegian health system. My music is played by acoustic guitar and flute, and it creates a fragile atmosphere to surround the young women in the documentary. (2000)


"Japan venter "
Program 1 "Har fortiden en framtid?"
Program 2 "Har framtiden en fortid?"

In these two documentaries, "Japan is waiting - 1 & 2", film creator Sten Rune Sterner shows us Japan today. The amount of old people is growing, but the economy is not strong enough to support them. What will happen? It doesn't look good! - I was responsible for the sound design, and also some of the music - which is taken from my work "Japan - electronic suite" where I used Metasynth for almost all of the sounds and effects. (2000)


"Født til fiende"
During the last war, many children were born with a Norwegian mother and German father. How did we treat those children after the war? They were treated like they were enemies. Norunn Reinertsen tells the story of these children in a touching way. My music consists of atmospheres and some acoustic guitar. (2000)


"Det tredje årtusen"
Program 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
"The third Millennium" is a documentary series by journalist Arild Hagen which takes us to the people and nature in the deep jungle of Brazil. Photo by Arne Nævra. - The series is produced by NRK and was transmitted in December -99. My music is a mixture of ambient atmospheres, some Brazil inspired melodies and electronic sounds. (1999)


"Et sminket folkemord"
Program 1 & 2
This is two Brennpunkt documentaries in NRK about how aid to the African country Sudan has become a doubtful business. Producer is Vibeke Haug. my music consists of simple themes and atmospheres created by manipulating native African instrument sounds. Synthesizers were used to create the soundscapes. (1999)


"Ny generasjon - Velkommen til Norge"
A documentary by journalist Wenche Giever, which portraits several refugee families who came from Kroatia to Norway two years ago. They are already speaking and reading the language, they have friends and a future here - they thought - until the Norwegian authorities told them this summer that they have to leave the country. my music is built on a traditional Yugoslavian song, with different variations and manipulations created with Metasynth. (1999)


This free documentary by NRK journalist Norunn Reinertsen reconstructs what happened when a young woman was killed in Oslo in the late fifties. The documentary shows - what many also believes - that the person who was judged as guilty, Torgersen, was not guilty. - my music is using electronic atmospheres to illustrate what happened in Oslo that dark evening. (1999)


Program 1 and 2
Music for two documentaries by journalist Lars Toverud in Brennpunkt, NRK. The programs are about the Norwegian Defense and the new situation in today's Europe. my music has an ambient character, and its function is to create an atmosphere of tension and uncertainties more than underlining action. (1999)


"Far Helge moderlandet"
Ole Jan Larsen made this documentary for Brennpunkt about the legal rights of children when their parents split up. We are meeting two families where one of the parents is left alone without contact with their children. - my music illustrates their hope, anger and despair. (1999)


"Et vitne mot gjengen"
Arild Aspøy made this Brennpunkt documentary about a Norwegian woman who was married to the leader of a criminal gang "Young Guns". She has testified against him, but no one else have the courage to support her. my music tries to illustrate her fairs and the dark streets of Oslo. (1999)


"Kongens horn"
Eirik Skaar made two documentaries for Brennpunkt in January -99 about the royal family in Norway, and I made a short musical piece which illustrates (in an ironic way) the arrival of His Majesty. It was used as the closing theme for both programs. (1999)


Program 1, 2, 3
Veslemøy Kjendsli - who has won prices for her documentaries - followed the police students for three years, and then edited three free documentaries. I composed the music, which tries to illustrate the different feelings, expectations, surprises and disappointments of the students as we follow them in their training. (1999)


Eirik Skaar in NRK made this program about Arild Edvardsen and his special evangelist trip to Libanon. my specially composed music was used to close the program. (1998)


"Håpet var Oslo"
Music for another Brennpunkt documentary by Sigrun Slapgard, about Osloavtalen and the conflict between Israelites and Palestinians in Gaza. (1998)


"Reisen til Kovdor"
Svein Bæren made this documentary about a Norwegian who did honest business with the Russians in Kovdor. But when business became difficult because of changes in Russia, Norwegian authorities became skeptic about the business and did their best to stop the project. my music is inspired by Russian folk music. (1998)


"Jeg lar meg ikke knekke"
NRK journalist Veslemøy Kjendsli followed a Norwegian woman who during the years became a slave of social help and ended up in big depth. This Brennpunkt documentary shows how difficult it is for her to gain confidence from the authorities. my music illustrates her situation. (1998)

"To hundre liv spart pr. år - når?"
Music for a documentary by Brennpunkt journalist Torill Svaar about discovering breast cancer. my music is a combination of special sounds (x-ray and medical instruments) and more emotional melodies. (1998)

"Stjålne antikviteter"
Wenche Giæver made this Brennpunkt documentary about stolen furniture which is being sold in antique shops. my music illustrates people and places. (1998)


Music to illustrate Arild Aspøys Brennpunkt documentary about Norwegian shipping and politics. (1998)


"Daughters of Allah"
This was a very interesting project, composing music and doing the sound design for NRK journalist Sigrun Slapgards 50 minute documentary about the rights of Palestinian women. my music is inspired by Arabian folk music. The documentary has been sold abroad and shown in several countries. The English title is "Daughters of Allah". (1998)


This is music for a Brennpunkt documentary ("Havets gull") by NRK journalist Renie Thorleifsson, about divers who lost their health because of deep water diving when the Norwegian drilling platforms were built in the North Sea. Most of the music illustrates under water atmospheres. (1998) - Update: This music was also used by Renie Thorleifsson in a second documentary about the divers in the North Sea in October 2003.


Svein Bæren (photographer and journalist in NRK) made this free documentary about three Americans and two Norwegians who jumped over the South Pole, with a tragic result (two persons died). The documentary has also been shown in Sweden. my music is dramatic and emotional and paints the cold, blue ice against human loss and tragedy. (1998)


"Minerydderne i Bosnia"
Eirik Skaar in Brennpunkt followed two Norwegians who worked for Norsk Folkehjelps project about eliminating land mines in Bosnia. my music is partly inspired by Yugoslavian folk music, and it creates an atmosphere of tragedy and disaster. (1998)


Music for a documentary by Svein Bæren in Brennpunkt, NRK1. We are following a man who's job is to provoke drug dealers by making them selling their drugs to him, in order that he can tell the police about them. (1998)


"Spor i fjorden"
The closing theme in a Brennpunkt documentary about UFOs in Norway, by Petter Rosenlund. (1997)


This documentary by Eirik Skaar in Brennpunkt is about solidarity, LO and a Norwegian business man who knows how to pay his workers as little as possible... my music illustrates anger and strong feelings. (1997)

signature melodies and jingles

I composed the Signature melody and several backround tracks, transitions and fx music bits for this eight part video series that NRK Skole (Education) is streaming online at http://www.nrk.no/skole (2016).
I have composed several musical bridges, transitions and background music for the the new version of "Bokprogrammet" in NRK2 (2010)
This is a new documentary series (broadcast in the autumn 2004) where the host Harald Munthe-Kaas is showing how the art - and snobbishness - of making food is practised around the world. I composed the signature melody as well as transitions and end music for each episode. (2004)
I was invited to compose the signature music for the new version of the documentary series "Safari" about art in the modern society. Again, I worked close with graphic artist Jørn Veberg, and we shared all files by using the Internet. This music was used in the program for more than three years. (2003/2004/2005)
I composed the music and did the sound design for this signature melody used in a new documentary series in National TV in Norway. I worked close with graphic designer Jørn Veberg (who later designed the CD artwork of my six first albums). (2003/2004/2005)
"8 Noveller"
NRK2 (National TV) will present eight different short films in the autumn of 2003, and I composed the signature theme for the series. It's a simple, ambient atomosphere with acoustic bass and synthesizer. (2003)

Signature melody and transitions for a series in NRK TV where experienced producers are looking back at highlights in the story of television by selecting clips from the NRK archives. my signature melody was composed by using piano, acoustic guitar and electronic effects. This theme music has been used every season from 2002, and it was used until 2008. (2002)


"Brobyggernes Gjestebud "
Signature melody and transitions for the new series of programs where people with different relgious beliefs share their views and solve practical tasks together. Proucer is Bjørg Kittelsen. (2001)


Signature melody and transitions for a series of six programs in NRK TV by producer Bjørg Kittelsen and host Kjell Erik Moen where people with different beliefs meet to discuss and build a bridge together. I composed the music by syncronizing it to a QuickTime version of the video. Some of the effects include manipulations of a mantra voice in MetaSynth. (2000)


The signature melody for this series in NRK Undervisning (educational program in national television) was totally composed within MetaSynht, by manipulating voices and creating filter effects. Very minimalistic and suitable for the simple graphics. (2000)


"Arild I Amazonas"
Signature melody for a documentary report series from Amazonas in Brazil, transmitted in NRK2 national television. (1999)


A remix with added electronic effects (created by me) of a CD track by Øystein Sævågs which is used as the signature melody for "Lese-foreningen" in NRK2 national television. (1998)


Signature music and jingles for Snerk in NRK P2 radio, making fun of different musical genres. (1998)


"NRK1 Friidrett"
Graphic artist Jon Spilde made this animation, and I composed this signature theme which illustrates different athletes in action. The signature melody was used in national television. (1998)


Different signature themes with funny sound effects. These were used every morning and afternoon to introduce the children's radio programs in NRK P2. (1996)


Snerk is a radio program for children with humour, music and guests in the studio. I made the signature music as well as several jingles. (1996)


"Øre for kroner "
Signature music for this weekly television program about money. The music is ambient and had sounds of a spinning coin and fish in a bowl... (1995)


"Det var engang"
Ingrid Bomanns program "Det var engang" needed a musical theme, and I made it by using elements of fantasy and fairytale. The program contained clips of old, classic pieces from the radio archives. (1995)


NRK P2 started a new radio program about the Internet, and I made the signature music, which is ambient and spacy. Rolf Brandrud, Tom Egil Hverven, Arnfinn Christensen and I were program hosts. (1995)


"5 På (Finn to like)"
Illustrative music for the quiz program "5 På" in NRK1. The piece was played while the children solved tasks on a computer screen (programmed by me, that's why they let me make the music as well :-) (1993)


"Klar Melding"
Barneombud (Minister of Children) Trond Viggo Torgersen was guest every week in the children's program ABRS, and Helge made this signature melody. (1993)


"ABRS Kjenning"
Signature melody for the new children's program "ABRS", which was very popular among children between 8 and 12 for several years. (1992)


"ABRS Jingles"
I made several additional jingles for the youth program "ABRS" during this year. (1992)


The main theme for a program about computers in the youth program series Ungdommens Radioavis. (1991)


"Åpen dag"
Radiotrailers for a campaign where the purpose was to invite people to visit NRK. (1991)


"P1 markering"
Music for a big PR campaign for NRK P1 (radio). (1990)


"Videobølgen "
I sampled a lot of funny sounds and effects from various (!) sources, and then created this signature melody for a radio program about videos. (1990)


"James Brown Skateboard-musikk"
This music were being used for several years by Rikskonsertene on their compact cassette about music influences from different countries. (1989)


Signature melody for AB 8-12s SuperPC-program where Lars Lønns was the host. (1989)


"AB 8-12" Jingles
During 1986 and -87 I made more than a hundred different radio jingles for the popular youth program "AB 8-12". You can listen to two of them ("Poetic groove" and "Rave on") on my music page. (1989)


"Ungdommens Radioavis - Albin"
Signature melody for the program Albin in Ungdommens Radioavis, where the listeners suggested what kind of music should be played on the air. (1989)


"Ungdommens Radioavis - Jubileumstrailer"
Music to celebrate Ungdommens Radioavis (youth program in National radio), made together with Lars Lønne. (1989)


"Kjenning Lydbåndmix"
The first music I made music for NRK, the signature melody for the program Lydbåndmix where Arnfinn Christensen and I were program hosts. I used a Teac four track recorder and a Roland drum machine and electric guitar. (1986)

music for radio drama

"Hildegunn & Hogne"
I wrote the music for the special role playing game "Hildegunn og Hogne" for the program "ABRS". For ten weeks children called by phone on the air and suggested how the story should develop, while I was sitting on the mixing console choosing musical pieces who fit to the story, mixing them with sound effects. It was a difficult task... also for Fredrik Knutsen (later to be known as Hildegunn, but for another reason...), who was the program host. The manuscript was written by Tor Edvin Dahl. (1993)


"Roboten Matilda"
A radio play for children: "Roboten Matilda og den forsvunne pengeseddelen", transmitted as a part of Lørdagsbarnetimen in NRK. My music illustrates the many strange things happening in the relationship between the funny robot Matilda and a family. (1992)


"Beatie Bow "
The children's radio play "Beatie Bow" (built on the novel "The unknown" by Ruth Park) was transmitted as a part of Lørdagsbarnetimen in NRK. Instructor was Lise Fjeldstad (Norwegian actor). My music creates different moods like loneliness, excitement, tension and hope. The story goes exactly hundred years back in time, when life was hard but also beautiful. The radio play was chosen as the second best play in radio in 1991 by the listeners, and it has been transmitted several times since then. The Series is still available online on NRK.no (1991)


"Den rettferdige politifullmektig"
A political radio play "Den rettferdige politifullmektig", instructed by Merete Skavlan and built on a novel by an Indian author. My music illustrates life and political corruption in an Indian village. (1991)


My original music composed for the radio play "Drømmen om Narnia" (the classic book "The magician's Nephew") by C. S. Lewis, transmitted as a part of the children's program Lørdagsbarnetimen in NRK in 1989. Instructor was Kyrre Haugen Bakke. In my music, I tried to illustrate the strange and beautiful world of Narnia where the fight between the good Aslan and the evil Queen Jadis never seems to end. (1989)

music for radio series

"Orden og Kaos - Sommerserie 98"
Arnfinn Christensen wrote a second fantasy story for the children's programs SNERK and Lørdagsbarnetimen in NRK P2, with the same characters as in "Den tropiske øya" (see below). my music illustrates a landscape of strange mountains and unknown nature. I used Metasynth for many effects and musical soundscapes. (1998)


"Den tropiske øya - Sommerserie 96"
The manuscript for this summer series (for Lørdagsbarnetimen and SNERK in NRK P2) was written by Arnfinn Christensen, and I made the music. It is a fantasy story with dramatic things happening, but also with humor. (1996)


"Stå på Matilda!"
I made the music and produced the series "Stå på Matilda Markstrøm!", transferred from a book (Gyldendal) and a part of "SNERK" in NRK P2. Unni Jortveit was reading the text. (1996)


"Frode kommode danser igjen"
Helge wrote the music and produced this children's story by Svein Voje: "Frode Kommode danser igjen". It was transmitted as a part of Barnetimen for de minste in NRK P2 as a follow up series to the very popular "Frode Kommode" first transmitted in 1993. (1995)


"Zlatas dagbok"
I composed the music and produced the series "Zlatas dagbok" for ABRS. The story is built on a book by a Yugoslavian girl, Zlata, who actually wrote this diary during the first part of the civil war in Bosnia in 1992. The music helps creating the tension, danger but also hope in the Yugoslavian war zone. (1994)


"Frode Kommode"
Lars Lønne and I composed and played the music for this popular series for children. The manuscript was written by Svein Woje, and the series became a big hit among children, with the title song on everybody's lips. (1989)


"MinHelge Maria"
Music Lars Lønne and I made for "MinHelge Maria", a compact cassette with a nice story by Anne Helgesen, written for SOS-barnebyer. (1989)


"Prinsen og Pryleguten"
I wrote a couple of songs and illustrative music together with Lars Lønne for this children's story, "Prinsen og Pryleguten" in ABRS, NRK. (1989)


Music for a children's book called "Bacon og Egg" heard in "AB 8-12" in NRK. Instructor was Helge Andersen. (1988)


"Herr C og bestevennen som ble borte"
In this story for children, I wrote both the manuscript, read the text and composed the music. It's a fantasy story about Mr. C and his musical and noisy friends. Herr C is searching for someone who is missing, who is Stillheten (The Silence). - I started writing a new story about the same characters, but this was never finished... (1988)


"På hjørnet"
Lars Lønne and I created the popular "AB 8-12" in NRK Radio in 1988. It was my responsibility to make special sounds and soundscapes for the program, but I also started composing music at this time. "På hjørnet" was a story for older children about falling in love, written by Vigdis Hjort. The music was made on a single, noisy Roland MT-32, my first electronic sound module. (1988)


Music to the words of Else Barrat-Due, made for the children's program "Tivoli" in NRK P2. (1996)


"Vaktmester Mestervakt"
Music to words by Andris Snortheim, also made for Tivoli. (1996)


"Veslefrikks vals"
Song with words by Else Barrat-Due, made for the children's program "Tivoli". (1996)


"Bak ei tønne"
My music to words by Svein Woje for the series "Frode Kommode danser igjen" in Barnetimen for de minste. Actor/artist Johannes Joner is singing. (1995)


"Beate Kerspink"
Another song with words by Svein Woje for "Frode Kommode danser igjen". Johannes Joner is singing. (1995)


"Gøy på tivoli"
Different authors wrote and developed the story in "Tivoli". Arild Nyquist started off, and he also wrote the words for this song - while I made the music. (1995)


"Kom bli med på tivoli"
Another song by Arild Nyquist, music by me. (1995)


"Randi Reddik"
Another song with music by me and words by Svein Woje for "Frode Kommode danser igjen". Johannes Joner is singing. (1995)


"Åtte rare kuer"
Another song by Svein Woje for "Frode Kommode danser igjen". Johannes Joner is singing. Music by me. (1995)


"Ønsker du ei bolle"
Another song with music by me and words by Svein Woje for "Frode Kommode danser igjen". Johannes Joner is singing. (1995)


"Juletre på månen"
Another song by Arnfinn Christensen where I made the music. Used in "Zimba". (1994)


"Lille rumpetroll"
Arnfinn Christensen wrote the words, and I composed the music for one of his radio shows "Zimba". (1994)


"Thinking about you"
A love song, words and music by me. (1991)


My remix (with heavy samples) of the "Nysgjerrigper" song. (1990)


Lars Lønne and I made this song for the NAVF-campaign. (1990)


I wrote this song with Lars Lønne, and Elin Nordeng 6 years old was singing. (1990)


"Bare se men ikke røre"
Harald Stoltenberg (twin brother of the well known Robert Stoltenberg who created "Borettslaget") was singing the words to the well known Margrethe Munthes song, and I made the musical arrangement. It was played in radio as well as Tusenfryd fun park. (1989)


My music to a song used in the first series of "Frode Kommode". (1989)


"Sitta´ på med sykkel´n din"
My instrumental version which was the B side of the single "Sykkelsang". It's a crazy collage of samples and instrumental sounds. (1989)


My music to the words of Anne Helgesen, as a part of the cassette "Mini Maria" (see below). (1989)


Music I made as a colaboration with Lars Lønne to the words of Anne Helgesen for the cassette "Mini Maria" for SOS-barnebyer. (1989)


My first single, to the words of Harald Stoltenberg, written for a campaign with the purpose of inspiring more people to use bicycle instead of driving car. (1989)


"Livet mitt er kjedelig"
My first song (music and words) heard in AB 8-12. Lars Lønne was the voice of the angry father in this song, while the rest of the words were sung by me. (1988)

music for computer games and interactive media

"Norsk Romsenter"
Again working with Arnfinn Christensen, I provided music for several presentations at the scientific web site Norsk Romsenter. You may look at an example here, where a part of my composition "Order and Chaos" is used. (2003)


I composed a huge set of small loops and musical pieces for journalist and multimedia producer Arnfinn Christensen, and he used them in several Shockwave presentations at the inspiring scientific web site www.forskning.no. (2002)


This is the classic game which my son Lasse Krabye programmed in Shockwave. My music is looped during the game. (2001)


"Charlie's Puzzle"
A version of the puzzle game where you have to move all the pieces to make the main picture complete, programmed in Shockwave and displayed on www.filmmagasinet.no for almost two years. Programming by my son Lasse Krabye, illustrations by Øystein Sjølie and music by me. (2001)


"Hollywood Shootout "
A shoot them up game programmed in Shockwave and displayed on www.filmmagasinet.no for almost two years (until the new owners discovered that we actually shoot down Britney Spears in this game ;) Programming by my son Lasse Krabye, illustrations by Øystein Sjølie and music by me. (2001)


"Stille Studio "
In this Shockwave game by Arnfinn Christensen you can walk inside the broadcasting buildings of NRK, visit studios and interact in many ways. Some of my music was used for transitions and creating mood. Visit the web site of NRK and try Stille Studio (2001)


"3YK - Det tredje årtusen"
Sound effects and music composed by me' for the computer game developed as a part of the project "Det tredje årtusen". The game is meant for children and will teach them about the rain forest in Brazil. (1999)


Music for the computer game "Metrodoma", financially supported by Norsk Kassettavgifsfond. my son Lasse did the programming, while the manuscript is by author Arne Svingen and the illustrations by the very talented designer and graphic artist Øystein Sjølie. (1998)


"Worlds Apart" ("Midt Helge Planeten")
A computer game made by Arnfinn Christensen, my son Lasse and I, and originally developed with support from Apple Norway and PPS (Pedagogisk Programvaresenter). At least three versions of this game have been distributed in Norway, the latest in 1995 as a part of the release of the Apple Family Mac (Macintosh Centris). (1995)


This is a small computer game for children. Illustrations are by Arnfinn Christensen, and sounds, programming (in Macromedia Director) and music by me. (1991)


Also a HyperCard project where you can play sampled pieces of a techno groove by touching the body of a strange guy sitting in a room full of synths and stuff. Illustrations by Arnfinn Christensen, programming, sounds and music by me. The project was ordered and supported by Apple Computer. (1991)


The first computer game I made. Illustrations by Arnfinn Christensen. The programming and design was done by me in HyperCard, and I created sounds and musical effects in SoundDesigner and SoundEdit (all in 8 bit resolution because they had only 1 Mbytes RAM in the Macintoshes in those days). The game was used on a big exhibition in Bergen called "Levende Jord" ("Living Earth"), and the game was played by more than two thousand visiting children during the summer. (1989)

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