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Visual art has a lot in common with music and sound. It's all about shapes, patterns, contrast and colors. On the following pages, you can watch some of my photos, animations, graphics and movies. Use the menu above to choose. Below are a selection of my photos. You are also invited to look at my photos at my account at Flickr.com


Nikon FE


My first mirror reflex camera was also one of the first affordable cameras of this kind available in Europe at the time (early 70's), a PRAKTICA. This served me well for a few years, and I then upgraded to the first generation of NIKON FE. In the summer of 2005, I purchased the Canon EOS 350D which is a 8 Mega pixel full blooded digital camera with a vast selection of professional lences. In January 2009, I got the brand new Canon EOS 5D MarkII camera which also records HD video (see the image in the top banner on this page). I have later (2012) replaced the 5D with the handy Panasonic GH2, and upgraded to GH4 in 2015.

Below are a few of my photos. No editing or manipulations have been done, only some correction of contrast and color levels. Manipulated images are all placed in the "graphics" section..

the dark tree

flower in stone bed

Lasse drinks

lake with clouds

Reflections On Window

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