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24 Chillout Music

is a Norwegian independent record label and music publishing company founded in 2007. The first artist to be released on the label was Homeless Balloon. The label will release and promote electronic and world fusion music with a chillout vibe and an original mix of acoustic, electric and electronic instruments. Most of the recordings have been done in Red Lamp Studio which is based on ProTools, Ableton Live, LogicPro X, Neuman condenser microphones, Moog Voyager synthesizer, DSI Prophet 6 synthesizer, Elektron Analog Rytm and Ableton Push 2 - and various acoustic and electric instruments. See the studio page for more info.


artist Album title catalog # release date

Homeless Balloon Murrr - EP CDHB1806 December 24, 2018
Homeless Balloon Peel Slowly - EP CDHB1805 December 14, 2018
Homeless Balloon Walking On Clouds - EP CDHB1804 November 22, 2018
Homeless Balloon Mental Noises - EP CDHB1803 August 15, 2018
Homeless Balloon Red Dot - EP CHHB1802 July 27, 2018
Homeless Balloon Dark Side - EP CHHB1801 January 31, 2018
Homeless Balloon Drive Green - EP CHHB1705 December 22, 2017
Homeless Balloon Fish Stories - EP CHHB1704 October 13, 2017
Homeless Balloon Lo Mejor - EP CHHB1703 July 20, 2017
Homeless Balloon Roses Are Dead - EP CHHB1702 Mars 31, 2017
Homeless Balloon Round And Around - EP CHHB1701 Mars 3, 2017
Homeless Balloon Play At Your Own Risk - EP CHHB1603 Mars 29, 2016
Homeless Balloon The Future of the Past - EP CHHB1602 February 5, 2016
Homeless Balloon African Dream - EP CHHB1601 January 12, 2016
Homeless Balloon Music from Wild North CHHB1401 November 14, 2014
Homeless Balloon Moog on the Dance Floor - EP CHHB1301 May 27, 2013
Homeless Balloon Dream Away - EP CHHB1201 October 16, 2012
Homeless Balloon Hurry Slowly CHHB0804 August 11, 2008
Homeless Balloon Electronova CHHB0803 August 11, 2008
Homeless Balloon Oriental Spaces CHHB0802 August 11, 2008
Homeless Balloon Ancient City CHHB0801 August 11, 2008
Homeless Balloon Mysterious China CHHB0702 August 15, 2007
Homeless Balloon Travel in Silence CHHB0701 August 15, 2007



to get in touch with the label,
send your email here: 24 Chillout Music
24 Chillout Music
Lillogata 14
N-04584 OSLO

the 24 Chillout Music
logo is inspired by a neon lamp
purchased in an antique shop in Oslo in 1999.
There are reasons to believe that the lamp
was made in Germany in the fifties.
It is still functioning, and it really
steals the attention in any room
where it's lit.



copyright 2007-2017 Helge Krabye